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South Florida Emergency RESTORATION

When you need it done correctly and done fast, Stella’s Emergency Services is always available for all your home restoration needs. From a burst pipe underneath your home to roof damage from the winds of a hurricane, water loss is never planned, but it happens.

Stella’s Emergency Services knows it’s no small emergency when it concerns the welfare of your home or your family. Our goal is to reconstruct your home to a pre-loss condition as if it never happened. In most instances, your insurance pays our cost.

What To Do if You’ve Experienced Property Damage

  1. Contact Stella’s Emergency Services as soon as possible to schedule an appointment. When a disaster happens, acting quickly not only secures an appointment, especially when a disaster hits a community & reconstruction providers quickly fill up their calendars but can also reduce or eliminate the chance of long-term damage to your home or business.
  2. Ensure safety. Nothing is more valuable than you and your family. Before taking any more steps, always make sure the home is safe and the situation is under control. If you’re not sure, wait for a professional. You don’t want to crash through a floor structurally insecure due to storms, fire, or flood or to get ill from inhaling mold spores.
  3. Start cleaning. Clean what may help to reduce damage as much as possible. Click on any of the services above to learn what you can do to minimize damage until the restoration team arrives.
  4. Take photos before and after cleaning. The photos are attached to your insurance case file when you file an insurance claim. They create an event trail that shows the situation at its worst. For instance, by the time the rebuilding team makes it to your home, water may have dried up or flowed out. Photos can be used as documentation that you may provide to your insurance company for home damages and personal items. Empty houses can also sometimes be targeted by thieves. Stella’s Emergency Services will secure the damaged area & give you an itemized list to go along with your photos of the items.
  5. Relax. When you hire our team of professionals, we will take extra effort to make the process as straightforward as can be. We are always here to answer any questions & share our professional advice. Recovering from a disaster takes effort. Contact the Stella team today!